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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why Choose an Electricity Provider?
A: Passage of the deregulation bill gives Americans more control over the electricity buying decision. It may result in lower prices and bring new innovative products to market. In addition, Electric Choice should help clean our air because REPs must offer some electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

Q. How do I change electric providers?
A: You may use this website to Sign up/View Rates and begin learning about providers (REPs). To get to each company's sign-up page for more information, click on the company's logo and complete the application. Remember to mail in a deposit once you have made a choice.

Q. Will they dig up my yard to put in new poles and wires?
A: Your local utility will continue to maintain your existing poles and wires, so switching to a new electric provider will not have an effect on your property. By switching, you are only choosing the supplier of the electric commodity itself.

Q. Where Can I Get More Information About Retail Electric Providers?
A. A list of REPs is available upon request from your local utility. You can also call 1-866-PWR-4-TEX to talk to the Public Utility Commission in Texas. The PUC is responsible for certifying REPs to become electric providers.

Q. Will I Save Money By Switching to a New Provider?
A. You should be able to save money since competition is now introduced into the market. Your actual savings will depend upon your usage. There are benefits other than cost savings depending on which REP you choose. Each person should make a decision based upon what is most important to them, whether it be price, cleaner 'green' energy, customer service or new product choices.

Q. I read that my utility was raising prices. I thought rates were frozen?
A. The Public Utility Commission froze 'base rates' that utilities can charge for three years or until competitors have gained a certain number of customers. However, utilities are allowed to raise the fuel portion of your bill, called the 'fuel factor', to recover their costs when fuel prices rise. This would cause your overall bill to go up.

Q. Will my utility put me lower on the list for service if I switch?
A. Even if you switch providers, your service (poles and wires) will continue to be maintained by your utility. That will be their job now that deregulation has broken utilities into three separate parts. You should see no difference in the level of service.

Q. What is an Electricity Facts Label?
A. All REPs are required to provide an Electricity Facts Label regarding their service so that 'apples-to-apples' comparisons can be made. The EFL provides information such as price, sources of power, and level of emissions from power sources.

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