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Your nonprofit organization or school can participate in its own Power Fund program by signing up with us. There is no obligation for this service. The Power Fund LLC works with state-certified retail electric companies (REPs) to help raise funds for you. The REPs get new customers and the non-profit organization receives new funds. It works like this:

  • for every qualified person/household or business that registers with The Power Fund, LLC and chooses a REP from The Power Fund site, the organization gets a donation - the size of the donation will depend on the program agreed upon with the organization. With good participation, an organization of 100 or more members or households can raise thousands of dollars with little time and effort.

  • working with your organization, a set of dates is chosen to communicate the Power Fund program to organization members, or , in the case of schools, to the parents and guardians.
  • A representative of The Power Fund, LLC will make a customized personal presentation to your school or organization on deregulation and the benefits of Electric Choice . Educational materials are also available. Remember, the more you promote the Power Fund program, the more money you can earn.

  • the organization or school will receive a check from The Power Fund LLC in approximately 45- 60 days after the end of the program, depending on the meter read dates of those who are qualified and switched to a new provider.

To start a Power Fund program for your organization, please fill in the following information, and a representative will contact you:


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