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The owner of this website is The Power Fund, LLC. Questions regarding our policies can be sent to thepowerfund@aol.com or write to us:

Customer Service
The Power Fund, LLC
Box 271643
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- We value your privacy and do not collect personal information about individuals unless provided to us voluntarily and with their knowledge. Information collected is used solely for specific business purposes such as tracking signups for your organization and responding to your requests.

- The Power Fund, LLC will not sell or disclose personal information or provide it to other companies for purposes not related to our business, unless required to by a court of law.

- Your use and registration on this website constitutes permission for the collection and processing of your information related to The Power Fund, LLC. We may need to give personal information to our agents or business partners in order to complete the processing and ensure each organization is credited for their signups.

- Statistical data, which does not include personally identifiable information, may be shared with our agents and business partners for purposes related to The Power Fund. An example would be allowing a retail electric provider (REP) to know how many people signed up with them through the site.

- The Power Fund, LLC reserves the right to make changes to its web site and policies and post the updated information on this site.

Terms of Use/Legal Disclaimers

- The Power Fund, LLC uses reasonable effort to ensure that the data in this website is accurate and up-to-date. The Power Fund,LLC does not warrant or represent the correctness or completeness of the information on this site or any website linked to this site. The Power Fund, LLC will not be liable for any error or omission in this website or any website linked to this site.

- The Power Fund LLC maintains this website for a specific business purpose and does not allow any part of this site to be used for commercial purposes. The website's purpose is solely for information regarding electric choice and raising funds for nonprofit organizations and schools. Any and all information on this site may be changed at any time without notice.

- The Power Fund LLC web site contains links to other sites which are outside the control of The Power Fund LLC. The Power Fund LLC assumes no responsibility for any links contained in this site or related to this site. These links are provided as a convenience to users of this site and as a means for tracking signups to organizations for fundraising purposes.

- The Power Fund LLC is not liable for any loss which may arise from the use of the information contained in any part of this website. The Power Fund LLC shall not be liable for any damages, actual or punitive, arising from the use of this website or any linked sites.

- Trademarks, names, designs and logos are the property of The Power Fund LLC and may not be used in whole or in part without the express written permission of The Power Fund LLC.

- Information displayed on this site, or linked to this site, is believed to be accurate, but such information is subject to change without notice.

-The Power Fund LLC., shall not be liable for any loss which might result from the use of any information displayed on this website or linked to this website.


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